Meet Ayanna

Psychic Medium, Empath, Spiritual Priestess. She is a natural born foul-mouthed spiritualist with clear answers, guidance, and path clearing.



Whole House Cleansing - $333 Initial Visit

Is anyone in your home experiencing nightmares, unexplainable events, or increasing depression and anxiety? Ayanna will come to your home, do a full mediumship reading.

If she is able to remove the spirits (sometimes it requires a team), she will quote the price, which is for the hours of work and risks during this process.

All work and visits must be done during the day. Initital readings take approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Must schedule with M-F between 9a-3p. May require multiple return visits and "changes" as guided. 

May also require cleansing for each house hold member for full effect. To discuss, contact via email.

No refunds, must have custom quote each time.


Personal Cleansing - Remove Blocks, Bring Abundance - $251

This process takes about 30 Minutes - 1 Hour. Ayanna will identify problem areas in your energy and remove blockages.

This effects abundance, psychic energy, chakra healing and can remove an negative entities or energies that you've picked up.

Includes full energy reading. Must be done in-person, at your home or location of choice M-F between 9a-3p.

Must schedule in advance. 

Empathic Intuitive, Teacher and Self Help Guidance

Return Policy:
Ayanna does not offer refunds for services rendered for any reason whatsoever, Her fee is based solely upon the time she spends with each client, regardless of the client's opinion as to the accuracy of information given in their Session.

Remember, a true intuitive mentor will tell you things that can only be proven over time; you may not understand how your session will manifest, so keep an open mind. As the art of Metaphysics is beyond the proof of science, each client agrees to seek out such advice of their own volition, with the specific awareness that no guarantees exist regarding information gained via intuitive mentor means. All we can say is that Ayanna’s clients can attest to her incredible accuracy via their personal testimonials. This session is for guidance purposes only! 
Business Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm
ALL readings unless "rush" is selected will take 7-14 BUSINESS days.


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